bianca beldini

Bianca Beldini co-founder, Sundala

acupuncture | physical therapy



Bianca began her career as a health care professional after her matriculation at New York University when she entered the Physiotherapie Department of the Hanzehogeschool van Groningen in the Netherlands in 1994. She was exposed to a European Osteopathic holistic health care model that would eventually shape her mindset and intentions of practice to incorporate a mind-body-spirit approach to her clinical and life goals. She studied a style of Physical Therapy that focused on manual skills in which she learned and experienced the effects of the power of human touch.

Bianca experienced the profound effects of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine after she suffered a neck injury in 2001. She received an Acupuncture treatment that removed her pain within 24 hours and with that experience, she began her quest to evolve her understanding of health and wellness from beyond the confines of western healing modalities.

On September 11, 2001, Bianca worked at the WTC and ran from what seemed to be the end of all she knew. She suffered severe post traumatic stress and her life changed dramatically. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine once again shifted her but this time on an emotional level and she emerged from the trauma with an entirely different perspective on life and healing.

Over the past decade, Bianca has been part of Academia in which she helped teach students the art of using Acupuncture and Dry Needling for all types of musculoskeletal complaints. She founded Sacred Space Acupuncture in NYC in 2004 where she specializes in Trigger Point Dry Needling, Dance / Sports Rehabilitation Acupuncture and Women’s Health and Wellness. She has cultivated many great professional relationships with prestigious doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and body workers in which she dialogues frequently about the health and well being of her patients.

Bianca presently works on dance royalty from NYC ballet, School for American Ballet and many Contemporary Movement companies in NYC. She has treated many professional football players from the NY Giants, professional baseball players and also had the unique experience of  touring the USA with USHER in 2011 during his O.M.G. tour

In 2004 Bianca spent some time in Syros, Greece learning the art of essential oil distillation. She successfully earned her certification in Aromatherapy.

Bianca is excited to have co-founded Sundala with Jodie Tassello. She is expanding her practice to Palisades, NY and is on the mission to continue her evolution and growth of practicing integrative medical arts.