We ask that you complete a comprehensive intake form  (click here for the intake form). Please bring this form with you to your initial visit filled out as thoroughly as possible, as all of the questions being asked are important in a holistic diagnostic model.

Please read the Sundala Information sheet, and complete the Physician’s Advisory/Informed Consent form.

Bring wear loose fitting clothes to change into before your appointment.

Please eat something prior to your visit as Acupuncture stimulates digestion and will prevent you from feeling dizzy after your appointment.



Please (click here to download AAT intake form). Fill it out appropriately and bring it to your first visit.

If you have any prior ALCAT or allergy test results, make your practitioner aware.

Please eat prior to your session as you might be asked to avoid consumption for 2 hours after your treatment.

Due to allergies and environmental sensitivities, please do not wear any perfume to your session.

Acupuncture might be covered by your HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN. We are out of network providers. Please refer to this link to have your benefits verified by our medical billing department.