Using Essential Oils to Improve Exercise & Fitness

James Lawrence YLEO










James Lawrence, Guiness World Record holder, Ironman and Triathlete has a regimen of keeping himself healthy and well for his races.

“I train my body hard. With big goals on the horizon, I can’t afford to be sidelined with injury or fatigue. My muscles love the relief they get from PanAway…this oil keeps me on track to achieving my goals. I’ve used R.C. blend since 1995 and it’s a staple oil I use while racing, recovery and with my kids. Life would be different without it. Nothing opens my lungs quite like R.C.”

Sundala’s oily “two cents”: PanAway blend of oils contains two powerhouse anti-inflammatory oils: Helichrysum and Wintergreen. Think Mother Nature’s original Icy Hot. A natural corticosteroid, topical anti-histamine and pro-circulatory oil. When you work out hard and you have caused micro-trauma to your tissue, it is imperative that you use something to support the bodies natural healing process.

James also uses R.C. to “open his lungs”. This particular blend does that by way of using 4 types of Eucalyptus oils which dilate the airways of the lungs combined with Peppermint oil to increase oxygen consumption and dilate the blood vessels of the muscle tissue of the lungs.

Sundala is located on the corner of Cedar Hill and 9W in Palisades, NY….where triathletes and cyclists take their multiple mile trek from Manhattan to Rockland.  If any of our Gothamists have made their way out of the city via two wheels, we are sure they have passed our new residence.

If you are in our neighborhood, come on in to try out these oils. We guarantee, you will feel a difference. If you want to learn more about these oils or which oils can specifically work for your training and recovery, send us a shout! Fill out the contact form with your questions and we will get back to you with specific recommendations for you because we understand that each sport varies and there are oils for them all.

From triathletes to dancers to crossfitters, these oils need to be a staple during your training, racing and recovery protocol. Ditch the toxic over the counter muscle rubs, the only benefit they have is NOTHING.


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