The Sundala Method™

The Sundala Method™  was created as both a treatment method for patients and a teaching methodology for Acupuncturists looking to expand their knowledge of Trigger Point pain patterns and facilitating lasting pain free results through a combination of hands on interventions, trigger point dry needling, Acupuncture and corrective actions.

The Sundala Method™ for the practitioner stands for:

Structural Unwinding Neuro-Developmental Assessment of Limitations and Asymmetries…this methodology uses Myology, Acupuncture and the Art of Structural Unwinding using Trigger Point Dry Needling and corrective actions to assess and treat the patients viewed biomechanical limitations, range of motion deficits and correction of structural asymmetries.

The Sundala Method™ for the patient uses assessment methods as follows:

  • Observation (using a postural analysis grid) to help scan for skeletal asymmetries and center of gravity displacements,
  • Active range of motion activities to assess for dysfunctional movements
  • Palpation to re-confirm poor biomechanical patterns
  • Structural unwinding using the concept of referral pain patterns paired with supportive meridian based Acupuncture points and Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Hands on myofascial release to re-establish proper connective tissue pliability
  • Specific corrective actions that will reinforce the overall treatment to employ lasting results and pain relief.