christina huber

Christina Huber Pilates
Move and be Moved!
Who is Chistina Huber?
Christina is a lover of movement! 
 She has owned and operated her own fitness business since 2001 and has been a leading force in bringing GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS ® and PILATES to Rockland County. She is multi-certified in these modalities and has studied directly with movement mavericks such as the creator of Gyrotonic®, Juliu Horvath, Irene Dowd (Anatomy and Ideokinesis) and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains). She is Pilates certified through PhysicalMind Institute.
What is her philosophy?
Quality of life is directly related to how we move in the world.
Christina is continually seeking out and exploring new modalities to further enhance her ability to improve her clients’ quality of life. Her extensive fitness experience is complimented by her expert knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, BioMechanics, Functional Movement and her passion for understanding the complexity of the human body. Her teaching style is greatly influenced by her background as a dancer, actress, musician, and overall performer. She understands the need for musicality, rhythm, and passion both in everyday life and in fitness.
What are her specialities?
Christina works with  all types of clientele, from those who just enjoy improving their strength and flexibility to professional athletes (cyclists, golfers, runners), artists (dancers, opera singers), the eldery, and those recovering from injury. She specializes in rehabilitation populations, addressing the specific needs of clients with Parkinsons , Scoliosis, Breast Cancer, Stroke, knee and hip replacement, osteoporosis/osteopenia, degenerative spinal disorders, post-rehab spine surgeries, Arthritic conditions,Diastasis Recti, Pre and Post Natal strengthening.
Christina feels a deep compassion for women recovering from breast cancer and has done extensive trainings in this area such as the Pink Ribbon Program with founder Doreen Puglisi, Gyrotonic Applications for the Breast Cancer Survivor, and the Body Wise Connection program with Balanced Body curriculum developer Joy Puleo and Doris Pasteleur-Hall.
What sets Christina apart from other instructors?
She loves to share her knowledge.
In addition to her passion for movement and her extensive qualifications, Christina has a keen, analytical eye, and a remarkable talent for being able to  infuse fun and flow into each and every session. She shares her personal joy of movement with each individual client and she is very excited to bring  her unique, compassionate, and effective teaching style to Sundala Center for Wellness
She lives in Valley Cottage, NY with her husband, Darryl and two dogs, Basil and Tilda.
Christina continues to study ballet with SAB instructor Lisa de Ribere as well as continuing her education in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, and other movement modalities.