Bianca Beldini co-founder, Sundala

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Bianca began her career as a health care professional after her matriculation at New York University when she entered the Physiotherapie Department of the Hanzehogeschool van Groningen in the Netherlands in 1994. She was exposed to a European holistic health care model that would eventually shape her mindset and intentions of practice to incorporate a mind-body-spirit approach to her clinical and life goals. She studied a style of Physical Therapy that focused on manual skills in which she learned and experienced the effects of the power of human touch. (more)


Jodie Tassello, co-founder, Sundala

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Jodie began her career as a research scientist focusing on the study of Virology and Infectious Disease. After graduating Florida Tech with a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology she began working in the pharmaceutical industry at the Viral Vaccine Technology Development Center at Wyeth-Lederle in Pearl River. On a quest to discover a means to practice “good” science, she left her position at Wyeth-Lederle after 5 years to focus on eliminating pathogens from donated blood at the Biotec company Vitex. For the next 5 years Jodie successfully helped develop and demonstrate the efficacy of this new technology.


Christina Huber, Pilates & Gyrotonic® Trainer

Sundala Center for Movement

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Who is Chistina Huber?
Christina is a lover of movement! 
 She has owned and operated her own fitness business since 2001 and has been a leading force in bringing GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS ® and PILATES to Rockland County. She is multi-certified in these modalities and has studied directly with movement mavericks such as the creator of Gyrotonic®, Juliu Horvath, Irene Dowd (Anatomy and Ideokinesis) and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains). She is Pilates certified through PhysicalMind Institute. (more)