How to Stoke Your Internal Thermostat in Frigid Temps

Whatever meteorologists are calling this weather: “polar vortex”, “polar cyclone” or “circumpolar whirl” (sounds like a very cool dance), there is one common theme….FRIGID TEMPS that are causing us to shiver not sashay!

Here are some suggestions to stoke your inner flame and light it up from the inside:

1. Eat foods that are “warming”. In Chinese medical dietary theory, there is a belief that foods have specific temperatures which have direct effects on the body. Some foods can cause dampness (cysts, fibroids), heat (rashes, inflammation), dryness (brittle hair, nails) and cold (poor circulation, stagnation of healing). So, when it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to increase your internal thermostat is to try to get some of these ingredients into your daily intake: anise, basil, cumin, chives, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, ginseng, scallions, black pepper, leeks, yams, turnips. HINT: sip on some ginger tea throughout the day!

2. Do NOT eat foods or drinks directly from the refrigerator or freezer. Yup, that means no ice cream, ice cubes or frozen fruit in the winter months. Room temp or hot liquids will keep you warm on the inside.

3. Work your core! Your abdominal area is the meeting and crossing point of all major meridian, circulatory and lymphatic highways in the body. If you keep the infrastructure of this roadway strong and congestion free, the flow of qi, blood and fluids to the extremities will stay moving.

4. Don’t walk barefoot on cold floors! In Chinese medicine, the first point on the “kidney” meridian is located on the base of the bottom of both feet. It is said that there is an energy that swirls between both kidneys and this energy is fed by the channels that start at the feet. If your pipes are cold then your house will be cold…get it?

Keep it warm!


5 Things to Do for Natural Pain Relief

PAIN!  Nobody likes it but we happen to specialize in it.  So, here are Sundala’s  5 most common answers to:

“How to Manage Pain Naturally”:

1. Play with FIRE and you’re gonna get burned! What does this have to do with pain? Think of it this way…you tell your child not to put its hand on the stove because you know it could cause a horrible outcome. If we told you that eating sugar, processed goods and fried foods would have the same effect on you (yes, a horrible outcome), would you keep putting your hand on that stove, or uh-hum, into the cookie jar? Sugar creates internal heat which causes inflammation. Keep eating bad things and your poor body will stay in a chronic state of 5 Alarm Fire status. Burns are no fun on the outside…they certainly aren’t peachy on the inside!

2. Drown your sorrows. Ok, not with alcohol like most Hollywood dramas but with good quality, water. Keeping hydrated keeps you from drying out! You know, #1 up top talks about heat, well a daily intake of water will keep the inflammation down! Drink up!




3. Gut instincts. Did you know that 90% of the happy hormone called seratonin is made in your gut? A good gut is a happy gut and a happy gut can cut back on the way we perceive pain by stimulating the production of said “happy” hormone. There’s lots of happy going on here….if you want in on the fun, then grab a probiotic and make your tummy and the rest of you smile!





4. Snooze. Get yourself into a dark room and turn off all electronic devices because the only thing that should be plugged in for recharging is YOU! Sleep allows your body to enter a state of unconscious calm. This time allows your body to heal. If you forgo the few precious hours then you are slowing down your rate of healing




5. Pet your Frenchie!

Frankie Christmas Tie 2012

Oops, sorry, more like, pet your animal(s)! Or get yourself pet by getting some bodywork done! Petting, touching, squeezing and holding all help to increase our body’s natural relaxation response. This is the opposite from the over-production of cortisol aka “stress hormone”. When we can mitigate the bodies stress response our pain perception decreases and that yummy feel good hormone takes over! Who doesn’t want to feel yummy?

So…Throw some water on the fire! Trust your gut! Get some ZZZZ’s and stroke the back of your fur babies!

That’s all folks!