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The Pilates Method and GYROTONIC® are mind-body fitness techniques. They  promote balance, coordination, strength,flexibility, and overall wellness. Both systems use specialized equipment and have a mat-based form that can be performed at home. Pilates and Gyrotonic® are accessible to all fitness levels and personal goals. These exercise modalities have become so popular because they improve our ability to function in our daily lives. Pilates and Gyrotonic® are both taught at Sundala Center for Wellness by Christina Huber. 

The GYROTONIC® Method:
 The Gyrotonic® method is an original, and unique movement practice which has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance. Gyrotonic® exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements,which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions, with corresponding breath. With Gyrotonic® exercises, each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, efficiency, strength, and flexibility.
The body is designed to work as one harmonious system, to follow arcing and spiraling paths of motion, and to transition from one movement to the next smoothly, and efficiently. Gyrotonic® method creator, Juliu Horvath, designed a specialized line of equipment around these natural movement patterns of the human body.
Because Gyrotonic® equipment is highly adjustable, it can be customized to fit each persons unique physique, and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length and physical ability.
Gyrotonic® classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability.
The Gyrotonic® Method is practiced by people from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes and dancers, college students, baby boomers, senior citizens, and people with disabilities

The Gyrokinesis® method is a movement method that gently works the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. It is an original, and unique movement practice which has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics, and dance. The Gyrokinesis® method is practiced in group or private classes under the instruction of a certified Gyrokinesis Trainer, and can also be practiced at home with a mat, chair, and instructional Gyrokinesis® dvds.
Each class begins on a chair with a gentle warmup sequence to awaken the senses, and stimulate the nervous system. This is followed by a series of fluid spinal motions which increase range of motion, and prepare the body to explore more complex movements with agility, and ease. Class continues on the floor with exercises that expand on the spinal motions, gradually adding more complex sequences, incorporating more movements of the hips, shoulders, hands and feet. The floor exercises are followed by a rhythmic standing sequence that incorporates balance, and cardiovascular exercises; then ends with a calming, unwinding sequence designed to prepare the body and mind to reintegrate  with the every day world.
Gyrokinesis® classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability.

Born in Germany, Joseph Pilates endured a childhood plagued by illness. His experience coping with asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever molded his future dedication to fitness and to the exercises we use today. As a young man he studied  anatomy, Eastern and Western exercise techniques, and engineering. Today we can see all of these influences in the equipment that he invented.
While in London at the outbreak of World War One, Pilates was placed in a German national internment camp, where he developed a series of floor routines that focused on alignment,balance,flexibility, core strength, and mental focus. This became what we now know as Pilates Matwork.
He was later transferred to another camp where he acted  as a nurse/caretaker for those with injuries. He would rig springs  and pulleys on hospital beds to help the injured heal. This experimentation led to the creation of the  Pilates equipment now known as the Cadillac and Reformer. Years later he moved to New York City where he worked with many dancers including George Balanchine.
The Pilates Method is truly for everyone one. No matter if you are a Mom trying to get back into shape post pregnancy, a golfer who wishes to enhance his/her game, or a circus performer. Joseph Pilates created his modality of exercise to help everyone reinvigorate their lives. The spring based system creates long and lean muscle with a focus on precision and form.


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