Marathon Training’s Got Your Knee in a Pinch? Lay off the Foam Roller!

Marathon Training and ITB Pain…

Put down the foam roller! I’m sure there is part of you that is saying “NO PROBLEM, it kills me” and another part of you saying “I’ve been torturing myself with this thing for years and I’m addicted to it!”. Recent studies show little to no scientific efficacy in rolling out the Iliotibial band except for irritating the fascia of the lateral leg. Marathon training leads to serious pounding of miles which means there is tens of thousands of moments where the leg turn over leads to shearing of the attachment of that ITB at the outside knee area. How to make it hurt less? 1. Focus on strengthening upstream…work on strengthening your outer hip / pelvic area by side steps with therabands and clam shells. 2. Trigger Point Dry Needling and cupping to release the muscles of the quadriceps, lateral hamstring and lateral glutes!


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