Is Your Internal Location “Enabled”?

We had our first full week back after the R-phase certification from Z-health Performance. Two words: Pretty remarkable. What exactly are we doing with our patients now? We are teaching them that movements are safe. We’re teaching them that their internal GPS related to movement can be switched from blurry to clear. We are essentially helping them turn on their internal “enable location” button for good and to move without pain.

The Brain Quote
Every trauma, bump, bruise or accident will cause our internal motor and sensory map to become less clear. When this happens, compensation occurs because the ONLY thing our brain makes sure to happen is our minute by minute, second by second SURVIVAL. So, pain that lasts too long which limits movements or promotes  compensatory patterns can “stick” in our motor system and brain and wreak havoc.  These aberrant movements continue on because the brain will do everything it can to prevent activity due to the feeling of threatened survival. 

We can instruct you in moving your elbow to unglue your knee. We can show you how to move your jaw to unhinge your pelvis. How about assisting you in performing knee circles to lessen the fear of moving your tennis elbow?

If we can help you toggle your switch to “go” instead of “do not go” would you be up for it?

Using Acupuncture (root) with Dry Needling (branch) and brain hacks (enabling location) to improve movement and reduce pain is how The Sundala Method™ continues to evolve.

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