Hip Alignment Exercises

Hip Alignment Exercises 

Livestrong, July 2019 

Sara Lindberg

Hips Out of Alignment


It’s not uncommon for your pelvis to feel off balance or out of alignment, which can lead to low back, hip, knee and ankle problems. When this happens, the first thing you want to do is determine why your hips are misaligned.

“This disparity can happen because of a leg length discrepancy, which is when one leg appears longer or shorter than the other, causing the hip above to compensate and either raise or lower,” Dr. Bianca Beldini, DPT, MSOM, LAc, SFMA, tells LIVESTRONG.com. She also points out that it can happen because of overuse of one side and overdeveloped musculature, or it can be an actual bony pelvis anomaly where one half of the pelvic bone is larger or smaller than the other.

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