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Is Your Internal Location “Enabled”?

  We had our first full week back after the R-phase certification from Z-health Performance. Two words: Pretty remarkable. What exactly are we doing with our patients now? We are teaching them that movements are safe. We’re teaching them that their internal GPS related to movement can be switched from blurry to clear. We are essentially helping them turn on their internal […]

Acupuncture vs Dry Needling: Knowing the Difference

Acupuncture vs Dry Needling: Knowing the Difference

ACUPUNCTURE vs DRY NEEDLING: KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE by Bianca Beldini, MSOM, LAc, PT, SFMA, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM) There has been a debate raging over the past few years between the medical community and Acupuncturists. We (Acupuncturists) use the needle as our primary mode of treatment. This one and only modality that is unique to the […]


Depression Linked to Inflammation?

Another reason to drop the sugar addiction! Depression linked to inflammation? There have been some interesting studies done in the past few years about how potentially high levels of cytokines are found in those with depressive disorders. Cytokines are molecules that help us regulate our inflammation and immune systems. Some studies are showing that adding […]

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Trigger Point Dry Needling: Got Pain? We Can Help!

trigger point dry needling Trigger point therapy aka “Dry Needling”  is an extremely effective technique that uses the insertion of fine acupuncture needles to “deactivate” or “shut down” painful or knotted areas in your muscles. Most of us have areas in our bodies that feel tense or tight and restricted whether due to athletic activities or […]

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The 3 Pillars of Macronutrition…part 1

Sound familiar? December 1st:  month long eating frenzy…. January 1st: sign up at the gym and resolutions of healthy eating…. February 1st:  get on the scale and wonder why your weight hasn’t budged, you have been going to the gym after all … March 1st: you’re in a panic because you don’t know how you […]

James Lawrence YLEO

Using Essential Oils to Improve Exercise & Fitness

                  James Lawrence, Guiness World Record holder, Ironman and Triathlete has a regimen of keeping himself healthy and well for his races. “I train my body hard. With big goals on the horizon, I can’t afford to be sidelined with injury or fatigue. My muscles love the […]

CBS NY Knee Pain Dr. Max Gomez

Acupuncture for Knee Pain

 Experts: Look to Acupuncture as a Treatment for Knee Pain with Dr. Gomez CBS New York Thanks Dr.Gomez for this! We’ve been treating knee pain successfully with Acupuncture for many years. It’s nice to see it being broadcasted in such a positive way these days! How does Acupuncture work? A few ways! 1. It helps […]


How to Stoke Your Internal Thermostat in Frigid Temps

Whatever meteorologists are calling this weather: “polar vortex”, “polar cyclone” or “circumpolar whirl” (sounds like a very cool dance), there is one common theme….FRIGID TEMPS that are causing us to shiver not sashay! Here are some suggestions to stoke your inner flame and light it up from the inside: 1. Eat foods that are “warming”. […]


5 Things to Do for Natural Pain Relief

PAIN!  Nobody likes it but we happen to specialize in it.  So, here are Sundala’s  5 most common answers to: “How to Manage Pain Naturally”: 1. Play with FIRE and you’re gonna get burned! What does this have to do with pain? Think of it this way…you tell your child not to put its hand […]