BADASS World Champion


Couldn’t be more proud of this AMAZING athlete and patient of Dr. B’s at Sundala Wellness. She puts the POWER in CYCLING and the SPIRIT in COMPETITION. Super upset that she took a tumble at the World Championship race this week but so proud that she walked home with a gold and silver medal. Her story of strength, perseverance and badassery is one that makes her a champion multiple times over. #DryNeedling

This was her post from Facebook today 10/20/19:

🥇2 x World Champion
Team Sprint Match Sprint
🥈Time Trial
🥉Scratch Race
I had a bit of misfortune on the final sprint and also won a stay at the luxurious Manchester Royal Infirmary. A few broken ribs, punctured lung, and bruised heart are going to extend my stay in the UK for a bit.
Thank you immensely to Brian Abers and Meg Mautner for staying with me until the wee hours. Thank you to my support team @blueribboncycling, @psimetracing, Bob Biese, Bianca Beldini. Immense gratitude to the group of folks who stayed to cheer on Saturday-you friggin rock!, all the folks who came to check on me, offered well wishes or additional help for my extended stay. Thank you @nationalcyclingcentre volunteers and officials.
It’s been quite a week! Definitely one for the books.

#mastersworlds #gold #stripes #stripesforlife #allin #cantstopwontstop #beastmode #ismybikeok #doesthistubemakemelookfat #manchester #winning

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